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A Journal of Alex

just a journal

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I created this account basically to authenticate my comments and posts in various communities. I watch several communities, mostly those that are related to independent music & films, art and subcultures/countercultures, vegetarian & vegan issues.

I post to my journal occasionally, and usually in English and/or Russian. I'd also love to contribute to the LJ-communities in German, but unfortunately LJ isn't that popular here (in Germany) yet.

Just few facts:
- male, married [...with children :-)]
- education: Informatik (computer science) at university of applied sciences
- music and art are a part of my life. My hobbies are vegetarian cooking, web 2.0 and fridge magnets
- vegetarian (almost vegan)
- languages: English (good), German (Deutsch-2. Muttersprache), Russian (Русский-родной язык)
- former participant in the web & art projects (independent/web-based)

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